Loved a little statement as we toured around Saskatoon yesterday and today.

“Even the lowly mosquito doesn’t get a slap on the back until he begins to work.”

On the way to Saskatoon we stopped to see renovations on my sister’s house and to see a dying aunt.  Somehow those two together don’t seem related — other than the fact that they are relatives!!

But, as I thought of it . . . My aunt has been in the renovation of her heart for well over 80 years.  She has a gracious spirit in the midst of cancer that is advancing.  She knows of her final destiny — her heart has been Jesus’ heart for decades.

As we walked through house renovations, I was reminded that nothing of the material world around us will last!  If there is a starting point for renovations, the heart is by far the best place to start.  The rest can happen as needed.  But if the heart is not renovated in this life time, a life time to follow will forever be affected.

Consider the work of the heart — certainly a better work than that of the mosquito!