I’m one of those who have enjoyed technology for years.  The enjoyment goes in cycles.

There is a day when you find something new.  You diligently explore approaches.  You (meaning “I”) read the manual — that’s how I work best.  Then I approach the technology.  I try it out.  If I read something, I’ll see if I can make it work in reality.

After a while, you tire of the new technology.  Or more rightly, you have mastered it so you move on to other things.  Each part that you have learned in the past contributes to your understanding of new technology.  Soon you can move into something quickly and with confidence.

Until you forget to backup something, and you lose some of those good things you have been working on.  Today I did just that.  Thought I had everything backed up and that the program was running fine.  Pushed the wrong button and the backup wasn’t complete.  I’ll be working to replace that piece of data in the near future. 

Until then, I’ll kick myself a few times and move on.  Maybe there is a new piece of technology just waiting around the corner!