I thought December 29th was going to be fairly straightforward.

Back in September I had planned to celebrate my father’s birthday by phoning him.  Other than that — the day was free!

Then October progressed into November and a wedding arose.  So I committed to do that wedding as well — December 29th.

Meanwhile our basement was being used by a boarder who was attempting to get a house in town.  That was to take place the beginning of November or shortly thereafter.  He and his family will move in December 29th.  I will show up to say “Hi” and maybe move a few boxes.  I’ve tried to arrange for others to help out.  There were three or four who tentatively agreed.  One was to be hauling grain so couldn’t give a final word until he knew if the elevator was open for delivery.  Two others found out about a funeral and another found out about some furniture that needs to be moved immediately (and not our boarder’s furniture).  Only God knows who will show up!

I don’t like uncertainty.  With the New Year around the corner I’m reminded that resolutions are our way of gaining certainty.  The older I get the less I believe New Year’s resolutions work.  Yes, they are a guideline.  But I’m beginning to like the old latin phrase DV “Deo Volente” — God Willing.  That is where certainty actually needs to rest!