A night at home!

We try to visit as much as possible.

Years back I struggled with just being with people without a “productive angle”.  You know —  trying to get people to take on a job, provide some money, help make things happen.  Don’t get me wrong, that is still part of life and ministry — when done with love and compassion there is no reason to denigrate that type of visit.

Lately, I just like to head out to be with people because I like to be with people.  We talk, drink coffee (oops, hot chocolate!), and pass the hours in each other’s company.

Nevertheless, I still have a need to take a little time away.  That means I’ll stretch out on the couch tonight.  We’ll eat some hotdogs in wraps with beans, and watch a video.  We’ll head to bed early since we are off to a funeral and to visit someone in hospital in Saskatoon tomorrow.

But for tonight — alone again, naturally!!

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