Out the door!

It’s around 8:00 and we are headed to Delisle.

Hairblowers have fashioned our hair, our shoes are polished and the shower has us perfumed for the day.  We’ll meet lots of relatives, enjoy the fellowship and celebrate a life well lived.

Jill, my wife, mentioned this morning that Clara May died well.  When she heard she had cancer she accepted this as God’s plan for the time.  She headed to Ontario to visit her siblings.  Others came to her and she greeted them with that well known twinkle in her eye.  Her passing was merely to another place with richer colors and greater singing.

I celebrate a life well lived and a death claimed in Jesus name!!

One thought on “Out the door!

  1. Praise God for her life. It is indeed a celebration! I just hope that when my time comes I will be willing to take that leap of faith and walk right into my Jesus arms. Blessings.

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