Weekend Passages —

Busyness!  That’s been the order of the day, or should I say days.

As we descended on Delisle on Saturday we met . . . a charter member of our church (which celebrates 70 years in 2008) . . . cousins and nephews and neices (one of whom Jill had never met in over 30 years!) . . . my father’s siblings who combine brains, laughs and deep relationships.

Today we were at a church service with new and newer faces.  I preached on Acts 12 — God is in it all . . . including miracles and the ordinary.   After a soup lunch with friends we headed to Rosetown.  My parents are staying at my sisters.  We chatted about the past, ate another soup meal and headed back by 9:00 in the evening.

If time is relative to activity we squeezed a lot into a few hours.  God is good and has granted us this time with others.  Some we may see again, others not.  In God’s timing the moments are indelibly now a part of our history and our lives.

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