They come in threes?

You begin to feel that a trinity of events is sufficient cause to wonder!

On Saturday we attended the funeral of one of my aunts — the first one of my father’s siblings to pass away.  Clara May always had a twinkle in her eye and provided fun with responsibility. 

On Sunday we learned that a cousin of mine, Harvey Somerville had died in a diving accident.  The funeral will be this Saturday morning in Eatonia.

Then tonight I found out that another friend of ours, Lillian Szmutko, had passed away today.  Almost thirty years ago we had been a part of a small group that met together.  An old church building provided the setting, and we even tried out a pump organ for singing.  Mike and Lil were very gracious people who lived generous lives with few resources!  What a gracious example of Christian charity and character.

So, we are now considering a four day event — our Pastor’s prayer retreat — that was to happen next week.  The event will happen, our question is whether we will be able to go.  God knows the plans that we lay — but our times are in His hands.

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