How Cold Is It?

The funeral was today. The interment outside.  In the winter.

Yesterday was above zero.  Nice weather.

This morning we awoke to howling winds.  As people arrived at the funeral the story of encroaching snow became apparent.  Those from North Battleford encountered snow around Wilkie.  As the funeral was about to begin, Beadle was encountering snow.  Beadle is about 5 kilometers from town.

We processed into the sanctuary.  No snow. 

The recessional brought us into the foyer.  Snow was swirling.  A blizzard brewing.

We processed to the cemetery.  There the snow abated.  The wind did not.  I stood facing the wind as the family stood with their backs to the wind. 

The interment ceremony was less than three minutes — I was speaking as quickly as possible.  The icicles of words reached to the mourners.  We honored our loved one, but did not linger in the cold.

My face, in just minutes, was stretched taut.  My balding head took the brunt of the weather.

On the other hand — although the remains were cold, Irene was in a much better place — with Jesus.  And I have this funny feeling the temperature there is just right!!

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