Just Thinking

Free association!

That is merely taking a first thing and letting your mind run.  Interestingly the result often exhibits some type of logic.  Subconsciously you link two or three things and come up with a new way to approach a story line or plot.

Let’s start with “mouse.”

House.  Roof.  Snow.  Slippery.  Ice. Cold. Sheet.  Chimney.

Now that last one seems completely off kilter.  But . . . what if this is a way to return to the beginning of the sentence — to the house.  I hadn’t even put the two together until now.

Which brings me to a question.  “Is there a logic beyond our own?”  If we can come up with linkages and connections that are beyond normal reason — what of a mind that is it’s own logic.  That encompasses logic, and the subconscious, and reason beyond reason.  Believe it or not, I can imagine that!!  And I would have to say the creator of that logic must be beyond me — greater than me — known and yet unknowable.

Enough of the philosophy!  What would you associate with “The End’?

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