The first day!

We are in Saskatoon.

After having received a gracious “push” to take some days off, we arrived in Saskatoon around noon.  First order of business was to get pictures printed of our daughter’s wedding.  While waiting for the “one hour” photos we sat at MacDonalds.  Both of us had a tea.  I also had another cup, this time of warm milk.

Then off to Princess Auto (after checking in to a motel).  Jill was quite surprised.  This is not just an auto store.  There were computer parts . . . and electric tools . . . and the type of stocking stuffers our son-in-law Scott will just love!  I escaped without spending a cent, but this will be a stopping point in the future!

The next stop was to Michael’s — the craft shop.  We exited off Circle Drive onto Preston Avenue — the street where the store was said to be according to the phonebook.  As we exited we saw a store with a sign proclaiming “Michaels”.  “Must be the clothing store by the same name.”  “Right.”  “Let’s keep going.”

Twenty kilometers, and 3/4 hour later, we arrived back at the sign!

The store is a regular treasure trove of decorations and adornments.  I even enjoyed the tour of the store — which was an hour in length.

Then off to Montana’s.  A great steak house where we ate chicken!  Thanks, B&B, for the Christmas gift certificate.  We were finished before the waitress had time to breathe — a busy night!

The return to the motel saw us take in a movie or two.  We are now listening to some worship music — a fitting way to clear our heads.  Even after fairly innocent movie fare we felt there were better ways to end the day.

On the way to Saskatoon today, we listened to “The Time That Remains” by Mary Funderburk and Twila McBride and sung by Corey Emerson on his CD called “Sanctuary.”  Corey writes of this song:

This song reminds me of a missionary I wish I had known. It was in May of 2001 that I heard the name Roni Bowers. She was the missionary who was killed, along with her baby, Charity, when a Peruvian military jet shot down their airplane. Her husband had called and asked if I would sing at her funeral. He shared how she would listen to my first CD all the time while in the Amazon and that one of the songs, “Make Me In Your Image,” was her favorite. It absolutely humbled me.
We have no idea as to the impact we make in people’s lives. Whether it’s being used as a source of encouragement or a harvester of souls, as we live for Christ we touch people’s lives – oftentimes without our knowing. “What is our life? It is but a vapor that appears for a short time and then vanishes away.” May we, like Roni, make the most of every moment in living for our Savior and investing in people’s lives.

For Jill and I, this song has special meaning.  In 2001 Jill was close to death.  So close we were writing her will with renewed understanding of the shortness of life.  We listened to this song.  The song begins:

I know my days were numbered
Before I drew my first breath
But I have no way of knowing
When I’ll close my eyes in death;
I only have this moment, and before it slips away
I want to make a difference while it’s still called today
In the time that remains I will lift high the cross
And in Jesus’ name be a light to the lost
I pray I won’t live one moment in vain,
For all that I have is the time that remains.

Now, five years later — how easily we lose sight of eternity in keeping the moment alive!

3 thoughts on “The first day!

  1. Hi Jill and Ron;

    So glad you could get away for some R&R.You deserve it!!!

    Re CD’s-Have you heard Fernando Ortega’s Hymns of Worship? Lots of interesting renditions of old hymns and new- I particularily like the last one-Give Me Jesus. Was able to buy this cd as the result of a gift certificate given to me!Arent they great!!?!!

    Love,B and B

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