At home

Lunch time.

A bit of snow has fallen, but the temperature is melting the residue.  Scarely two days ago we were in the -30 range.  Now we are around 0 degrees.

We sit and slurp tomato soup.  Tomorrow night we will visit with Aunt Etta.  Always nice to have relatives.  The evening will be early.  Sunday preparation begins Saturday night.

Sunday promises to carry us forward with responsibilities.  Worship service in the morning, manor service in the afternoon and prayer time and supper together with some of our church folk.

This afternoon is a planning time.  This week has seen its dose of meeting with people (and I consider doses of people good medicine!!). 

So, here I sit thinking ahead.  Much of the planning for this past while has been postponed, cancelled or otherwise waylaid.  I’m more aware now that we can make our plans, and should!  But God will direct the final pathway.

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