Annoying Attributes of God

A while back I purchased a small book (both in dimensions and pages) called 99 Annoying Attributes of God.

Not to steal the thunder of the editors (Ray Albrektson, Janet Kobobel Grant, Alan Scholes, Gary Stanley and Kristen Wilson), but here are a few thoughts.

God is annoying because –

  • he won’t let me take anything with me when I die;
  • he often thinks “no” is a sufficient answer;
  • he expects me to openly share the secrets I’d rather keep hidden;
  • he wants me to keep secret the things I’d rather openly take credit for
  • he’s always kind but he isn’t always nice

Many of the thoughts have scripture tucked in with them.  Sometimes I just need an easy way to look at things — jars me out of the rut I get into (I wonder if I could add another metaphor and really mix things up!).


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