To Saskatoon

Wednesday I ventured to Saskatoon.

The reason:  a one day session put on by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. 

The sessions included thoughts on how churches can reach out in a Canadian context — along with some analysis of current trends in Canada.  Good information that can help form solid decisions in the future.

The interesting part?  I was on the road at 7:00 am.  Fog was surrounding my headlights.  When I saw a sign indicating deer could be expected, I increased my watch.  At the same time I did not feel fear.  Which is a good sign.  God was protecting and I was watching!  Closer to Saskatoon some snow had fallen and was deposited on the highway.  Again I was watchful but not concerned.  Thankfully the road home was much clearer!

I sensed God in the drive as much as in the sessions.  I have a sneaking suspicion that is the way it should be!  In the ideas and in the practice, God is there.

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