Some people did!

As I write this early Saturday morning, I’m looking out the window.  The sun is not yet up.  The street lights are reflecting off fog.  


I’m a prairie boy.  For the last few years I’ve had to revisit my understanding of winter.  As a child fog was unheard of in February.  For the last two years I’ve seen fog in what should have been the coldest months of the year.

Brittle, harsh and uninvited cold I understand.  Piles of snow I expect.  But fog?

Which brings me to my craziness.  I love blizzards!  No visibility, swirling snow and chaos. 

These last two days we were promised a blizzard.  OK, the weather forecasters were predicting snow and blizzard conditions — which in their case is probably 80% of a promise.  Thursday night came with howling winds but no snow.  Friday came with snow but no gust of wind.  And this morning there is fog.

I’m ready!  Bring on the blizzard.  Make my day!