So, I’m sitting in a Bible college library.  20 years ago I had visited this library.  As a part of the tour of city libraries recently constructed, this was a prime example.  Now, two decades later, I’m back again.

Now there are computers situated on a row of tables by the wall.  The brick is light brown, almost an ash color.  The tables have flat screen monitors.  The CPU’s are up-to-date. 

It doesn’t surprise me that a student is sitting at a computer, talking to someone.  Skype and other telecommuication wonders are simple to use — simple to plug in to a host computer.

What does surprise me is the discussion.  Poker hands are being discussed.  He seems to be winning — somewhat.  Then he encourages the anonymous friend to place a bet — it’s part of the risk of life.

Somehow I’m amazed.  Poker in the library!

Maybe I’m old fashioned (and I probably am), but I guess I just find it hard to imagine a Bible college computer being used to gamble.  Or has entertainment now become acceptable no matter what the consequence and no matter where the location?

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