Generational Faith – not what you expect?

I ran across the following article:  Defining Faith – How each generation sees it!

Some thoughts from the article?

Elders (those over 65 or so) see faith as the foundation of life.  Boomers 1946 – 1964 birhtdates)  see faith as providing security.  Busters (younger yet) see faith as helping to discover insights and relationships.

Elders appreciate religious institutions, boomers want content and institutions may or may not help.  Busters find institutions irrelevant since people are more important than the institution itself.

Elders chose Christianity, Boomers reshape Christianity to their own "selfish" religion.  Busters are existentialists finding spirituality in wide ranging discussion.

Check it out!  This is based on research from 2001.  Seems to have a ring of truth.

2 thoughts on “Generational Faith – not what you expect?

  1. On what website can I locate what percentage of FAITH each generation have? I did have some sermon notes from my Pastor, but they were lost out of my Bible. (ie. 65% of seniors believe in God 44% of Boomers believe about 23% of Bridgers believe and only 5% of Generation Y believe) This is what I remember from the sermon notes. Please help me locate the website, so I can show it to a co-worker who is unbeliever an d quaetion why we need to believe in God!!! Thank You

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