Finding a new "old" car

We wandered over to a used car lot today.

For  the last few months we have had the use of a Neon car.  The usual driver of the car was over in Africa.  So we enjoyed being able to both be a two places at one time.  Without having to walk long distances!

The driver has arrived back from Africa.  So we wondered what a car would cost.

One was available for viewing.  $1,900.  1990 Subaru.  Four door.  A bit of rust.  No record of previous owners.  Some body work – accident?  We decided that some decisions are best made later. 

I have a feeling our desire is to replace without prioritizing.  So we will sleep on it.  Probably a few times.  And see what comes.

So far, the car is not coming.  At least to our place!

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