Three turkeys and one ham!

No, I’m not talking about the people you meet down at Tim Hortons!

Today the kitchen crew was in to set up for our Ladies Banquet tomorrow night. 

The crew is basically ladies.  They chopped celery and radishes, cut lettuce and made macaroni salad.

And smells began to emanate from the kitchen and trickle into my office.  That was the turkey roasting in the oven.

So, I ventured into the kitchen.  At just the right time.  Two turkeys were sitting ready to be carved.  A knife had been sharpened and was crying out for someone to wield it.

Now, my father taught me to carve meat — and my grandmother even contributed a few words of advice for this culinery skill. 

I volunteered.  Three turkeys and one large ham later, I’m pleased to report that my carving skill was greatly appreciated.  I got some exercise (limited as it was!).  Plus, a good deed done is never to be frowned upon!

One thought on “Three turkeys and one ham!

  1. My tired feet are so grateful to you right about now! Actually from the bottom of my heart and from a few other ladies, thanks for your help today!


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