Monthly Archives: April 2007

Dad drops in!

Guess who came to dinner?

My dad!  Accompanied by my sister. 

We ate together, along with 50 others, at our "XYZ" luncheon.  Then we listened to stories of Africa told by a young lady, Laura.  She is just back from several months in Africa.

Afterwards we headed to our home.  Around the table we reminisced and looked at the future.

Around 4:30 they headed back to Rosetown. 

See you again soon!!

Of business and Rock and Roll

Tonight, Ralph Boychuk, President of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, spoke to a group of us.  His topic was "being a godly man in a business world."  We ranged all over various topics. 

Once you step into the business world you have to take into account all those things like politics, ethics and management.  As much as we would like everything to be cut and dried, things are complex and real wisdom must be sought.  I pray for those who deal daily in the business world.

On the other hand, Ralph is an old rocker.  We had a jam session with three of us.  Lots of fun!  For about an hour or more.  For Ralph, and even for me, this is a stress reliever.  Just music and chords and rhythm. 

Thanks, Ralph, for dropping in!!

Monday, Monday

How did that old song go?

"Monday, Monday, so good to me"

Most Mondays are that way.  Even today I worked through a number of administrative details.  Things that needed done, people contacted and plans made.

At the same time, tiredness tends to catch up.  Busyness (notice I didn’t say "business") creeps up.  I have seen great times of concerts, seminars, talks, and other activities.  But after lunch today a short nap was  in order.  And another just before supper.  Now, at the end of the day, I’m ready again for a rest.

Life is good.  God calls us to rest — that’s the way we are made.  So, off to bed in the next short while.  See you again tomorrow.

Hutterite talk

Hutterites are a great group.  A number of centuries ago they were evangelical and missionary.  With the creep of centuries of tradition there current format is different than the original.  As with any older institution, with was is not what is.

Today we had a couple talk to us about current Hutterite ways.  This couple would love to see a return to that original fervor.  The thirty or so who attended the session were also interested in the same direction.

Over the next while I would love to follow up on this.  If you have reminiscences, or anecdotes or internet links or other information, contact me.  I’d love to see what we can find out!

Mastering audio?

There is a process called mastering.  Having worked in a post secondary institution, let me tell  you, this is not about another degree.

No, this is about taking what you hear.  Audio sounds.  Putting them into a recorded form.  Then mixing the sounds to get a balance between inputs.  And finally you do the mastering.

Today, I had the mixing done on a song.  I pulled a mastering program off the internet (I’ll let  you know what it is at a later point).  Ran the song through the anaylsis of the mastering program.  Outputted a .wav file.  Created a CD to play on various machines.  Finally, I sat down and listened on a cheap CD player, and on a machine that would be considered mid range.  It actually sounds good.

Put your orders in now.  Release date for the full CD is September 28th.  "Testify" by Wayne Gibson!

This was just plain fun!!

The day that is!

We started off today at 6:50.  I was up to shower and help Jill prepare breakfast for six billets from the Caronport High School choir (they gave a great concert Thursday night). 

By 9:00 I had ferried three different groups of high school students to the church.  There they got together with the group of 37 people.  After a devotional and playing in the gym they were to head off to the swimming pool around 12:30. 

Just as they are about to board the bus, one of the students is found on the grass trying to relax.  He, along with 2 other students and 3 youth from the area have just been in a vehicle roll over.  Some poor judgment got them into the situation.  I think only God got them out — judging from the look of the vehicle.  Parents came, prayer was offered, and each was checked out to be sure there were no serious injuries.  Thankfully they are doing fine — but a wake-up call for sure!

Meanwhile I have checked with my aunt on some storage space we are in need of (a preposition at the end of a sentence — not a good plan!!).  I’ll head out tomorrow to get a quick peek at what she has available.  I am thankful to God for great relatives!!

And now, I’ve just been out clearing around my sister’s tent trailer parked in our backyard.  Just got a call from my niece that they want to pick it up tonight.  My sister’s husband and their daughter will arrive in a few minutes. 

My wife left me a note at 1:30 as she headed out the door to a weekend retreat with other pastor’s wives.  In it she reminded me to eat (Jill, I just finished a great ham sandwich), and mentioned that I didn’t need any more stress in my life.

The day that is!!

Thinking on family

Our current journey in life is one of faith and family.

We are in the "sandwich generation" of life.  While our children are out of our house, we still care very much for them.  And our parents are now at an age where we are increasingly called to care for them.

Both groups would prefer non-interference.  Until a situation arises that pushes them to the limit.  Familiar feelings I have experienced and still experience.

Today I talked to a senior couple who will move soon to be with their children.  63 years on the same farmstead.  And yet they know the time has come.  With that has come a certain release.

I trust that as I hit times where the impossible confronts me, I will turn to God and to my friends (in that order).  Then I can truly say — "All things work together for the good for those who love God and are called by him according to the purpose he has for their lives."

New Printer!

Well, we (being the church) have picked up a  new printer/copier, a Canon MF 6550.  I took the time to insall it and make sure it works on our office computer.

Nice print — lots of extra features we did not have.  Double sided copying, booklet printing, faxing, scanning and who knows what else.  As per the reviews — the greatest problem is the print trays do not automatically pick up changes in paper size.  With that in mind, I worked some of that through today and we should be good to go.  Jeanette, our secretary, comes in tomorrow and gets a chance to try this out. 

Should be fun!  Last words of an optimist!!

"Hold Your Breath" Holy Saturday

To illustrate Holy Saturday — the day in the Christian calendar before Resurrection Sunday — I asked our congregation to hold their breath.  If they held their breath for a specified time, there was a reward.

Jesus told the disciples to hold their breath — for three days.  Judas Iscariot didn’t even get to ventilate before holding his breath.  Peter had a bit of a stutter breath while denying Jesus.  Others, like those on the road to Emmaus, held their breath but needed someone to confirm that what they believed could really be true.

Oh yes, I only asked the congregation to hold their breath for 24 seconds.  That was way to easy.  As a matter of fact, two seniors were still holding their breath well into my sermon — although I think one was turning a bit red!!