For a long time I’ve tried to decipher the people who turn the world upside down.

I think I’m getting closer!

I was reading and preaching on Daniel 6 today.  The thing that will get people into the most trouble?  The thing that will create opposition?  The thing that is explosive and dynamic?


So quiet and seemingly serene an activity.  Rocks the world and changes the landscape!

2 thoughts on “Subversives

  1. Okay, just as I was renewing my prayer efforts — getting excited about doing so and seeing some answers come — now you are telling me that this is the way to rock the world.

    Well I read a book called Rock the Boat and it sounded facinating

    So Rock the world…okay I’ve got to up my prayer watch

    Thanks for the insight


  2. The Holy Spirit came to me in the form a 15 yr old boy that lives in a group home because his mom is a coke dealer. I grabbed my wallet and keys and was going to march somewhere and take the bull by the horns. This young Christian man said, are you sure that’s what you should do? And he asked a few more questions. I put my keys and wallet down, went to the bedroom, closed the door, and prayed instead.



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