The heart of the matter

Hearts are on my mind!

On Wednesday I sat in on my wife’s pacemaker checkup.  The battery is doing well.  Batteries do wear down but she’s not yet there.  But her heart was acting up in April.  We have a cardiologist appoinment on Tuesday.

Gordon Verhaeghe, a friend, has heart problems.  He had a mild heart attack last week.  Tests show he needs bypass and valve replacement surgery.  That is sheduled for next Tuesday.

And later last night I heard Marilyn had a heart attack. She was out at her condo in Summerland, BC.  Final word on what will need to be done is yet to come.

Hearts are central muscle of the body.  When they stop, you stop.  They may wear out, have genetic defects, or be affected by diet and exercise.  Regardless of what brings you to an irregular situation, the facts still present themselves.  You could die.  Preparation for life after death — both for yourself and for those you leave behind — is vital.

As the Boy Scout’s would say, "Be prepared!"  As I would say, "Look Jesus’ way!"

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