Saturdays I try to make my day of rest.  Being a pastor, Sunday tends to be rather busy.  Tomorrow, if all plans work out, will be no exception.

Today I awoke and headed of to continue some repairs on our basement.  This is not "work" related, and can be relaxing.

I say can, because there are points of frustration.  Like putting in new gyproc and finding I need to disassemble bathroom cabinets.  Or mudding gyproc and finding more holes than expected.

All in a day’s work – or should I say, "play".

From the basement I proceeded to the outdoors.  We bought a dethatching blade for our mower.  Adjusting it just right is a bit of an art.  We’ll be seeding some areas!

At noon I was off to take two nine year olds out for hot dogs and a movie.  They are both kids of some of our small group members.  The movie was "Happy Feet".  A philosophical animated movie.  Anti-establishment for the sake of bettering the community.  We were two rows from the front – a lot of panning shots which tend to disorient me.  Would I see it again?  Probably not.

At home once again, I sanded some drywall, cleaned up some leaves and watered the lawn.  Now it’s five o’clock and I’m taking a break on the computer.

May your day also have rest and enjoyment.  May God’s sun shine upon you.  But even greater, may his face be seen by you in the busyness of this day!

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