Monthly Archives: May 2007

Last night of Bible Study

As we head into the summer, our small group hosted a BBQ tonight.  The neighbours dropped in as well.  Thirteen in all. 

Hamburgers were great – juicy!  Jill even ate well.  I had the desserts as well — they were great.

Sometimes after a fall and winter of studies it was just nice to sit around, talk and eat tonight.

Thanks for the year!

Come and Gone

Our son is on his way to Puerto Rico.

Final flight confirmation came late last night.  This morning we dropped him off at the airport at 6:40.  He will wing his way through Calgary, Chicago and on to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Tomorrow he starts a new contract — new responsibilities — and a new ship.

Tim, enjoy yourself, seek good friends, and most of all, seek God!

Prayers and Petitions

This week I’m concentrating on the second in a series on prayer.

I want to say that we talk to God because he listens, and we listen because God talks.  I say, "I want to say", but the ramifications . . .

I tend to have a deaf ear for some conversations.  Not that I don’t hear.  I just listen with no intent of acting.  Many a wife has said to their husband, "Are you listening?"  They know full well they are.  They are just not going to act on what is being asked.

I don’t think God is that way. When we pray we can expect God to change his mind, even as he expects us to change our minds and actions based on what he wants us to do.  But how can God change his mind?  I think God’s intentions are thwarted by our sinfulness.  When we repent, then God has every right to head in the original direction of intention — to provide blessing.  On the other hand — no repentance, no blessing. 

That’s a simple answer to a complex question. 

Another simple consideration — the more I consider the action of prayer, the more I return to answered prayer all around me.  This tends to highlight the statement — "God is affected by our conversations with Him." 

Two quick approaches! Many more approaches are needed to fully understand God and prayer.  In fact, I think I will never be able to fully understand God.  But, for the moment I have seen answered prayer and God’s faithfulness just keeps me trusting that He will continue to answer.

Amway updated?

Yesterday I sat in the office and heard about a network marketing scheme.  You buy into certain services — legitimate provisions for the new technical world (don’t forget, I’ve been reading a book on homesteading in the early 1900’s — so pretty much anything qualifies for the "new technical" world).

The presentation was sincere.  In fact, based on enthusiasm, you would be sold right now!

My mother sold Amway years ago.  OK — actually she got into Amway for their soap!  Best on the market.  She got a few friends involved.  But nothing on the lines of making it rich!  This was for the product, not the greed.

And that’s what bugs me.  I worry that greed will overtake legitimate need.  And I worry that living in a world filled with greed will cause suffering.  Suffering for the sake of money. 

Not suffering for the sake of Jesus — whom I understand is said to have had nowhere to lay his head, a robe as his most valuable possession, and no million dollar income.

Whose side would I prefer to live on?  

I watch my greed quotient constantly — we all love to covet a bit!  My question?  How much is too much?  If I follow Jesus, that greed quotient is going to have to diminish measurably!

He's Home!

Yes, we picked Tim up at 8:00 pm yesterday.  Actually, his plane was early!  Now, that’s an unusual happening — one that we rather appreciated.  We were back home by 10:30 or so.  After a short snack and closing evening medications (two had a snack, one was finishing off her regularly scheduled pills), we headed to bed.

The next few days will be busy.  Visiting with Tim . . . practice for a musical presentation at our seniors meeting . . . an Elder’s board retreat . . . a trip to Rosetown for mother’s day . . . oh, and the regular things of life like sermons, and mowing lawns, and . . .

Our son to arrive tomorrow!

Expedia has confirmed.  Our son, Tim, has booked a flight.  He will arrive in Saskatoon tomorrow at 7:53.

We have been in conversation with Tim these last few days.  Until then, four months had gone by without contact.  His contract completed the end of April.  Now he’ll touch the earth of Canada. 

Until this weekend.  He flies out to Puerto Rico to take up a new contract with Royal Caribbean cruise lines.  Working as a Production Manager.

So, tomorrow night we get caught up.  On his life, and he on ours.

Driving Daisies

A car in the shop.  An early morning.  What better to do?

I awoke fairly early this morning.  The original plan was to leave the house around 7:30 am.  I was off a bit before that.

I knew my ride would have to be "me."  My best manner of conveyance?   A bicycle.

At first I was consciously pedalling just to get there!  Half way through the ride I began to hear bird.  I saw flowers.  The smell of dirt beckoned.  The sunshine was bright.  Fields stretched in front of me.

My feet began to ease up.  Not in speed, but in intent. 

Almost as though I was freed from rush.  Freed from the pending day.  Rather, the daisies — or were they tulips or other spring colors — began to drive my ride!

Somedays, Sunday is a wake up call to rest!

A ride to remember!

The skies were close this morning.  Clouds surrounded the town and droplets fell. 

At some points there was a plethora of rain.  At others hesitation.  The result was a shower to green the plants and water the thirsty soil.

All fine and well!!  I didn’t have a car — it’s in the shop.  I do have a bike.

So, I dressed for the fifteen minute ride.  Wind pants and rain repellent jacket.  Back pack with plastic bags inside.  An extra pair of clothing.

At my arrival I stepped inside the building door.  Drips of water and mud fell on the floor.  I stood the bike in the tiled entry.  Carefully removing my backpack, I carried it across the floor.  In the kitchen I removed the jacket and splash pants.  A bit of mud but not bad.

I stepped out of my shoes — one of my socks was wet and a bit muddy.  The back tire had also provided a stripe up my back.  Sitting on the seat of the bike did not guard me from wetness. 

Needless to say, but I will anyway, I was a bit wet.  After a quick change I cleaned the kitchen and headed off to work in my office.  And all before 9:00 — my usual time to start!

If nothing else, I have gotten exercise this past week!  Hammering cement, walking back from deserted cars and riding bicycles.  Life may be unexpected, but in it all — it’s good!!

It's a concrete life!

Our basement is in for an overhaul.

Part of the plan is to clean up a section of air duct.  Unfortunately it is underneath the cement.  So today I chipped away a few feet of cement.  With a masonary grinder, a sledge hammer and sheer brute force the cement yielded.

Next step?  Replace the duct, put back some fill and pour some cement.  Should be done by . . .

Finally, the day ended with a bike ride.  Not planned.  I was off to a meeting.  The car lasted for a block and then died.  Maybe just a wire.  But nothing I could fix.

So, tomorrow looks like it will be a great time as well!

Sound engineering, sound advice

Years ago a sound technician spoke words to me. 

No, he was not angry.  Just past that time.  When ears melt.  Or something to that effect.

He told me — "You have to give your ears a break.  After an hour or two of listening, you’re not sure what  you are hearing."

Tonight I’ve been mixing, mastering and generally trying to get some audio tracks cleaned up.  After about the twentieth time listening to the same song . . . you kind of lose the "edge".

So, I’m writing this as a break.

Today has been good to me.  I’ve got a great outline for a Sunday sermon.  I’ve arranged travel and accomodations for a conference in early June.  And Jill had a delicious supper.

Not bad.  Now, I have to go face the music!!