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Wedding Reception in Kerrobert

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Jason and Blanca Ambros are newly married — February 3, 2007 in Mexico.

Not all of us could go.  So, the reception came to us tonight.  In Kerrobert. 

The couple had a great program — free food — and community.  That’s what marriages require.  Not so much the food as the community!  Family and friends abounded.  Love and grace freely flowed.  The couple were blessed and blessed us!

And here is the kicker.  Not only did we get free food.  For those of us who wanted, there were flowers left over — freely available for the taking!


Simpsons strike again

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

A new book by an anglican youth minister — Mixing It Up With The Simpsons, written by Owen Smith, a youth worker with the Church of EnglandThis article lets you in on a bit of the history and continued discussion on Bart and the boys!  Here’s a taste!

  • From the Church’s perspective, enlisting Springfield’s dysfunctional clan to ride shotgun with the Almighty makes perfect sense, especially since Sunday attendance figures for young people (under 16) dropped by more than 20,000 between 2000 to 2005.

Beyond Perfection

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Classic jazz and blues?  Steely Dan combined that and black stylings with gospel and just a lot of good musicianship.  I was listening to a YouTube video of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker talking about producing the music. to Deacon Blues.  While I don’t always agree with the lyrics of their music, I can appreciate their approach to making good music.

Dean Parks, a guitarist for some of the recording, comments on Donald and Walters approach to recording (around 3:40 minutes into the video).  He says that they were not looking for perfection, they were there for "beyond perfection."  They wanted the music to be something that people would listen to over and over.  You worked past perfecc to where it seemed natural and then to where it seemed almost improvised.  There music was a two step process — perfection and then beyond perfection.

I know what that is about.  I have played with musicians who got every note right.  But the music was lifeless.  One pianist I know could play the hardest pieces in the world.  But you seemed to be missing a reason to listen to him again.  You can’t always define that, but you know it when  you hear it!

Getting to that place in music is where we are headed as musicians!  But first we must get the foundation down — learn to play music first!

Jim, Casper and the church

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

Franklin Pyles, President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, has got some new thoughts on his blog — part 1 deals with a new book out called "Jim and Casper go to church", published by Tyndale, 2007 — asking questions like, "what is a real worship service?", and "was the establishment of the church the real mission of Jesus?".  Part 2 is a continuation of the discussion touching on faith, belief and truth. Here is a section of that discussion:

  • We truly need to hear a condemnation of smugness in stating our beliefs. We need to be honest that we are beset by doubts and assailed by fears. But, we must also say that our belief is not something that has been made up to make us feel better, but something that can be inquired into and about which an assessment of truth can be made.

Rosetown trio sings!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
Here they are!  The singing three — born to fly!

Walk around the block in Rosetown

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

With the end of the day, a walk is a good thing!

Out we ventured with Trixie, the dog.  The sky had poured forth most of the day.  By evening a slight wind had evaporated the worst of the splashes.

The lawn next door was growing mushrooms — a rarity for drought ridden prairies.  That was not the only encounter with the dome-topped sprouts.  Around the block we encountered further evidence of a higher than usual water table.

One yard had neatly trimmed grass.  The front yard included bricks and chipped wood arranged in pleasant patterns.  A few houses away the lawn was populated with various grass varieties along with plants of the weed variety.  At the corner two triangular shaped stones were engraved with paint signifying the address and the owner.

A truck passed and we waved.  Such is the custom of small town.  No idea who was in the truck other than another of God’s creations!  A young couple briskly navigated the cement sidewalk, intent on exercise with little talk.

Upon our return we settled in to an evening of Scrabble.  The withheld rain appeared once again. 

On the bright side of a cloudy evening, we don’t have to water the newly laid sod!

Christendom coming to an end?

Monday, June 25th, 2007

David Fitch has 10 signs that Christendom may be over.  A good (sometimes humourous) list that will start you thinking.  When the memory of a Christian society is no longer a part of our memory, we need to look new approaches to planting churches/congregations/groups.

On holidays!

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I’m enjoying a bit more free time!  You may even see a few more daily entries!  Just for the fun of it — how about a picture to start your day?  Droop eyed and ready for the day??  Join this bovine in welcoming the day!!

Shutting out the Sun – Japan in demise

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Mentioned at a BBQ!

Shutting out the Sun is a book on the current demise of Japan.  Here is the description from the author’s website –

  • The world’s second wealthiest country, Japan once seemed poised to overtake America. But its failure to recover from the economic collapse of the early 1990s was unprecedented, and today it confronts an array of disturbing social trends. Japan has the highest suicide rate and lowest birthrate of all industrialized countries and a rising incidence of untreated cases of depression. Even more troubling are the more than one million young men who shut themselves in their rooms ("hikikomori"), withdrawing from society, and the growing numbers of "parasite singles," the name given to single women who refuse to leave home, marry, or bear children.

Don Love, missionary to Japan, had been reading the book and brought it to our attention.  In fact, his teenage sons had also been reading it.  They will return to Japan in a few weeks and see this phenomenon up close and personal.

Interestingly, the author, Michael Sielenziger (a secular Jew), has some commendation for Christianity as the solution to some of the ills of Japanese society. 


Don Love at BBQ

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Some days are just perfect for a BBQ.  Last night was one of them!

Our seamless link partner, Don Love, and his two sons, Andrew and Jonathan joined us.  They have been living in Calgary this past year and are preparing to return to Japan shortly. 

We sat and chatted, ate hamburgers and hot dogs, and when time came to leave weren’t quite ready.

Don gave us an overview of Japan that was contemporary — both hopeful and scary.  Japan has come to the point of imploding from materialism.  Family units are breaking down and the generation gap is evident.  Into this the good news that Jesus can make a difference really does make a difference!!