Paint, rooms and colours

We are down to the last two rooms.  The renovation "light at the end of the tunnel" is colored "Sea Urchin".  At least that was the color we planned on painting the walls, with  feature wall of "Biscotti".  Well, we have more Biscoti than Sea Urchin (can you eat both of these?).

So, tomorrow morning we will probably go out and find paint that will do the job.  Or will we just go with Biscotti?  These are the big questions of life — as we take a day or two off. 

The next few days are off to my mom’s birthday party, a scattering of the ashes, a hair appointment (for Jill, not me — not sure I have enough hair to make it worthwhile), and some visiting.

All enjoyable in the midst of the heat wave of the summer.

Enjoy your days and may they be blessed with breezes of summer to gently lift the oppresive rays that can wrinkle your skin cause unimagined illnesses!  OK — just have a good time!!

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