Latest in the reno's – oak stairs!

So, today was the first of four days of holidays.  We spent it at home.  Painted two rooms – now we just have to lay the laminate flooring.

I also got out the engineered wood flooring we bought two years ago.  The plan then had been to use the extra to cover the stairs. 

Two years later — perseverance pays off.

The steps look classy –  I even used some oak cove to provide the nose for the stairs (now there are vocation specific words – I wonder if Jesus knew these words as a carpenter’s son?).

Tomorrow is mom’s birthday – a party is in the offing.  Then off to Prince Albert overnight, a scattering of ashes on Sunday, supper with my daughter and family, evening at friends, Jill’s haricut on Monday and home in the evening.

Should be fun!

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