Birthday celebration VCR

My Uncle Mar(shall) had an 80th birthday recently.  The activities were recorded on a VCR tape.  The tape wound its way out to my father a week or so ago.  I was asked to make a copy.

I thought 45 minutes would be good.  Then I looked at the written program that accompanied the tape.  The program suggested exact times (I’ve worked with programs and theatre productions — seldom are the times exact although you try hard).  Total time:  3 hours. 

I continued my musings.  "3 hours is a long time to sit through a program."  I didn’t see any intermissions — that makes it even longer.

The recorder was turned on and the tape set to "super long play!"  After three hours I checked.  The program went a little longer than expected.

On to the next tape — a wedding anniversary that was to be copied.  In a small corner to the tape was transcribed — "5 hours, 50 minutes."  The tapes were set to record 6 hours.  This tape was actually to be two events recorded back to back.  If you had to sit through them, you would be wondering about your back!!  I began the tapes at 2:00 pm and they completed at 8:00 pm. 

Well, Dad and Mom should have some good watching!  Always good to hear tributes to old friends.  May this prove to be an encouraging stroll down memory lane!

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