Thunderstorm shuts me down!

Just as I’m about to blog! 

Now, I believe in being electrified.  I like to be around people who have an electric personality.  But, when electric storms look like they could electrify me?  I’m out of there!

Last night hailstones rained down.  Lightening thundered (or is that thunder lighteninged?).  And the sky let loose!

I was about to write about warm weather (scorching would be a better descriptor), a scattering of the ashes ceremony at Anglin lake, and sitting at Tim Horton’s in Prince Albert (where five people just showed up to say "Hi" without knowing I would be there).

Instead, I shut down the computer and went to bed!

A picture of the evening (with the light meter up high — this was actually taken when it was quite dark!).  We got about 8/10 of an inch of rain in 15 minutes or so!

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