Some people think that highlights are all about hair.

Not me!  Tonight we were at table with some friends.  We were asked to give one highlight of the day.  The comments were about pretty ordinary happenings — made important by situation, personality and timing.

For years I’ve watched people.  For the very least thing they can be glad. Thanksgiving is just a part of their lives.  Highlights can appear from all over the place.  A lack of money can highlight an opportunity to be creative.  A criticism results in growth.  A broken toy is a new invention pieced together with other broken toys!

I wish I could say my life is lived that way.  There are days that are less than ordinary — in fact they verge on being plain ugly.  Those days I need to recall some highlight of the day.  And be thankful to God for all that I have, all that  I am, and all the God wants me to be.

So, tomorrow, sit at table and ask those across from you — "What was one highlight of your day?"  Sit back and join the ranks of the "Grateful Living".