Monthly Archives: July 2007

A little borrowed!

My privilege!

That’s what I consider this — a friend borrowed my brad nailer.  I got to give him a hand.  That’s just fun, and we had the baseboard on in no time (OK, it took a hour or more . . . but it’s done).

The room will be for a computer — an office area!  The colors match a certain sports team — one which this person considers a good team (others may not agree, but who can tell??).

Now, I’m at home after evening meetings and doing a little bit more renovations.  If we could just do this full time for a few weeks we’d be done.  But it will have taken a few months.  And it will look great — always keep the goal in mind!!

Popcorn is popping — I’m off to a late night snack.  Enjoy your evening!

Golfing down Eston way!

Since last summer — that’s how long it has been since we were going to go golfing.  That’s Lester and I!  When spring arrived we talked together again — and once or twice Lester had some tee times lined up that I couldn’t make.

Today!  We finally got it together.  Rented  golf cart and toured the beautiful 9 holes of the Eston, Saskatchewan golf course.  Just on the edge of the South Saskatchewan River — a few miles south of Eston (I forgot my camera so just imagine a few rolling hills as  you enter the basin where the course is situated).

The course is well kept and a rain last evening made everything fresh.  We both had some great shots — but Lester’s average was a little better than mine (I guess that’s my way of admitting that he won!).  We chatted on the drive down but were a bit sleepy on the way back. 

Just a good day’s time together.  Thanks, Lester.  We’ll have to play again before the winter winds blow!

Oregon – here they come!

Friends of ours live in Oregon.  She was best girl (bridesmaid?) at our wedding.  He was a friend from years gone by.  Both of us couples were married over 30 years ago.

Now they are going to be in Calgary July 29th.  Calgary is just four hours down the road.  For a visit that happens too seldom, what’s four hours.

We’ll talk and eat and reminisce.  They never had kids.  We adopted two kids.  He’s into drywalling.  I’m into renovations in my spare time.  We have both been into church ministry over the years.  And somehow we never run out of things to talk about when we get together.

So, Sunday, July 29th we’ll venture down to Calgary after the morning service.  We’ll return on Monday.  Not a long time, but a good time.  Besides, they are paying for the overnight in a hotel near the airport!

Like night and day, or is that morning and afternoon?

This morning was sermon preparation time.  The brew that has been perculating in my mind and on paper finally came together.  My title?  "What does God do for us?"  Pretty "unsnazzy" (where did that word snazzy ever come from?). 

The afternoon and into the evening were spent putting on trim in the basement, installing linoleum at the bottom of the stairs, and moving furniture.  Next week we hope to begin the bedrooms.  They need painted and flooring installed.

Our finish date is around August 6th.  Relatives will be arriving.  My early finish date would be July 30th.  The week before the long weekend.  That way, no worries, no cares, just time to enjoy!

On another note, (and this is not a singing note!), I’m enjoying the weather.  30 degrees above, little breeze, and sunlight!  All the good things of life, plus Vitamin D!  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have aircondiioning!!


For the last two months I have been low on energy.  Part of it may be knees that don’t work well and a stomach that experienced problems as Ibuprofen (for my knees) ate away at my "innards".  I also wonder if there was not a bit of warfare going on in invisible realms.

Today I awoke and rode my bike to work.  By 9:00 I was already on the phone to a number of people.  By noon I had revamped my schedule to include a few more things (and knocked out some that I didn’t need to do).

At 1:00 an XRAY was taken of my shoulder.  I have had some tingling in my arms — so the Doctor thought it best to get an XRAY to make sure any other work (chiropractic or otherwise) would not cause harm.  The rest of the afternoon I worked on a sermon.

At 7:00 Jill and I headed to two garage sales.  Both were on the same crescent — both attend our church.  Picked up a gift for my mother’s birthday on July 21st.  Back home we completed some more of our laminate flooring.  Tomorrow the trim will go on.  Then we will only have two rooms to complete (paint and lay floor). 

Not bad — and I can still experience the energy of the day!

Saskatoon tests

Up at 5:00.  Showers completed and out the door by 6:00 (in the morning, that is!).  Hop in the car and point towards Saskatoon. 

Reason?  Not many would have me up at this time!

My wife has an appointment for three tests.  The tests are taken at Royal University hospital in Saskatoon — a 2 1/4 hour drive away.  We plunge down the highway, the sun rising quickly on the horizon.  The one hour marker – Rosetown – arrives sooner than I had figured.  We regain speed outside town and soon the outskirts of Saskatoon beckon.

In the hospital we register and hurry to the waiting area of cardiac testing.  There Jill is led away for her first test.  I head out for an errand.  When I return a 1/2 hour later she is sitting in the waiting area.  The stress test is a "no go".  Doesn’t work with a constanty running heart pacemaker!

The other two tests follow shortly.  The results will be examined and hopefully we will hear word of the results in the next short while.

We are home now (did some shopping!), and the bed looks inviting.  No late night for us tonight!!

Figuring flooring

Laminate flooring comes in five "feet" lengths.  The bedrooms are 3 "five" feet lengths, with around 18 board widths in one room and 22 board widths in the other.  So two bedrooms should take approximately 120 boards.  Then the closets can take partial pieces, probably around 10 per room. 

Total boards needed? Around 140 boards.  

8 boards per box with 18 boxes left — total number of boards144.   There is always a 10% error ratio (at least that is what we are told).  Can we skimp and make up two boxes along the way?  Or do you buy two more boxes?  Or are we thinking too much?

Such are the late night ponderings of the renovators!!

Basement progressing

A week or so ago we took down the doors to our kitchen cabinets in the basement.  In the midst of our renovations, this was a chance we took.  The kitchen would be a light beige and the cabinets doors a dark shade. 

Would this look good?  We had a sense it would.  The same colors were used in our upstairs.  We used them for feature walls.

Well, the cabinets look great.  The old handles were put back.  They were white.  Previously they didn’t match.  Now they actually complement the feel of the area. 

One set of doors were just slightly off kilter when we took them down.  We tried our best to readjust them.  After an hour or so, we got them working.  But there is still a slight slant we can’t quite adjust!

Which means, we will be open for guests in a few weeks (the floor is yet to be finished and the bedrooms painted).  If you are around, drop in and see what has been done.

Old Colleague writes a book!

OK, so he’s not that old — younger than me?  Following the resignation of the Dean, Dave Buschart and I served as co-deans at Canadian Theological Seminary for one year.  Our motto — "We will not just survive, we will thrive."  Well, we actually did survive!

Dave is now teaching at Denver Seminary.  He has written a book on the various streams of North American Protestantism — 8 altogether!  His thesis is that these varying streams can be hospitable to each other.  Sounds like a good read — I’ll have to pick up a copy.

Wrote him a quick email.  It will be interesting to see what he has been up to over the past 15  years or so!