This summer has had a number of occurrences.  I believe that all things work together for good to those who love God, but some days are just "draining in the happening."

We judge — place value on — each of our life events.  Some are tough and drain the life from us.  Others seem to enrich us with life.  Hopelessness comes when we judge — value — an event as unconquerable.  Rejoicing comes when we approach events with gratitude.

I say gratitude because I’m slowly realizing that even the best positive attitude is a mere small beginning in the light of just turning things over to God.  And when God’s got it, then I just need to sit back and be thankful.  OK, maybe sit back is a bit of a misnomer.  I find when God’s got it, then he’s got lot’s of other things in place for me to do.

So, this summer as I hit upon various occurrences, my initial attitude was not always thanksgiving.  Stands of conscience, watching parents age, experiencing recurrences of negative attitudes in others, wondering if renovations will ever get done . . . and I suppose each day brings a new occurrence.

Then there are days.  Days when the "Second Wind", the wind of God — the Holy Spirit, somehow touches down.  Days where I remember whose I am, and His conquering power. 

I need more of those.