When we retire at night my wife writes in her journal and reads a portion of a book.

I trust her judgment. 

  • If a book isn’t making it, she quits. 
  • If it’s good, she rereads it. 
  • If I should be reading it, she tells me!

Two books recently have struck her fancy!  One I’m just beginning to read —  I Was Just Wondering, by Philip Yancey.   Here is a book of short essays written for a column in the magazine called Christianity today.  Yancey ranges all over the place with his thoughts, and writes well enough that you trail along with him.

The second book I haven’t gotten my hands on yet.  Not that I haven’t heard bits and pieces of wisdom from the book.  The best thoughts, in a few paragraphs, get read to me just before I fall to sleep.  And somehow I remember them!  Last night Jill mentioned she is about to start reading, once again, Hidden in Plain Sight by Mark Buchanan.  The book is a study of the Bible book, II Peter.  I’ll poach it from Jill once she’s done (and not a moment before, if I know what’s good for me!).

Got some books you are reading?  Leave a comment!