Once a day.  That has been my usual practice with blogging.  Some days I put in two or three entries.

This weekend seemed to rush by.  We headed early on Saturday to Saskatoon.  I wanted to examine some curriculum for small groups and Sunday School.  While there, we did some other shopping.  Arriving home, after visiting in Rosetown, we rested.  Sunday started early as well, with a rest time in the afternoon and an evening farewell from 6:00 – 10:00.

In the midst of all this, the computer did not get fired up for more than a few minutes on the internet.  That’s unusual, but I wouldn’t say cruel!  A break is often as good as a rest.  And a day of sabbatical rest (or even two in a row) is not bad!

But . . . it is a struggle for me not to wander into cyberspace.  The crowds of information beckon.  The swirl on conversation is enticing.  So, I’m back and it’s now Monday!