When you least expect it.

That’s when life explodes.  Not in phosphorous translucence, nor in splatters and shards of silica.  Instead, the bubbling just emerges, in lava-like plumes to envelope you.

Months of plodding finally come to a conclusion.  The alternatives?  Either you stop from exhaustion or you complete the task that has been niggling at you for eons.

The triumph is in the completion and not the exhaustion.

Today, I finally got phase one of a computer changeover completed.  This has been in the works since the leaves fell last year.  A faster and more portable computer will grace the desk of our secretary.  Tomorrow the hope is to work with another computer or two and get them ready to act as ministry facilitators and library catalogues.

So, to bed tonight with USB and CAT5 cables awaiting transport to the office. 

I can hardly wait to see what emerges tomorrow!