Although I tend to tire by the end of the day — I find sitting and playing/singing music is a pick-up for me.

At 7:00 this evening we started.  A practice for a concert at the end of the month.  Three guitars, a piano and a synthesizer.  Gathered around the music of Wayne Gibson. 

Two new pieces.  All of us added our opinions and musical flourishes.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as the creative process.  One hears something.  Another plays a serendipity musical phrase.  Another listens and tries out something new.

That’s where life seems to begin.  The composer starts the life of the piece.  Then other musicians add their comments and considerations.  Soon the ebb and flow of the piece begins to take on shape.  And after two hours of practice on one song, a new creation begins to evolve.

And that’s when I realize I haven’t been thinking about sore knees or a gnawing stomach.  I haven’t been overtaken with concerns or worries.  

This time is for the music!  And what fun it is!  I hope heaven has a few places just to hang out and do music!!