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Back to work!

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

After a week and a half . . . I’m back in the office today.

Two priorities today — work on a possible Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast and prepare a sermon.  Both have been started.  As someone said, "Started is half done."

OK, so the sermon is just on the way and the breakfast needs some finishing touches.  But, we are on the way.

Then this evening, along with my sister-in-law and brother-in law, we visited a local acreage where horses abound.  The night was turning cold, but the opportunity was not one to pass up.  The guys checked out tractors and trailers and trucks.  The girls stuck with the horses.

And now, the home renovations are on TV entertaining us with design thoughts that seem a bit foreign.

Truly a day in the life!

Walking around the block

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

In the past, my wife and I have taken short walks around our neighbourhood.

The walks are only a few blocks.  Just enough to stretch at the end of the day.

On Monday, our daughter and her son joined us.  We ambled past some acquaintances who have ducks.  Christopher loved seeing the "quack, quacks".  Then there was another child who was out on his tricycle with his father.

Tuesday we rounded the block with Bob and Brenda added to the group.  Brenda is my wife’s sister — Bob is her husband.  We saw the ducks once again. And chatted.

Today the six of us are around once again.  We’ll chat once again, and probably walk and seek out some sights.  Tomorrow I’m back to work after a few days of holidays.

Where do the days go?  

Wayne Gibson music now available!

Monday, August 13th, 2007

The CD I have often talked about is here, and Wayne Gibson has a web presence at "My Space".  You can find some of his music and info on Wayne at  Check it out!  If you want to get ahold of his CD, let me know!

Making music together

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Our daughter, Allison, and her son, Christopher, are here visiting.  Alli is a pianist who grew up enjoying her music.  She’s passing it on to her son!!

55 years later

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

My uncle Jim helped doing seeding for my father in 1952. 

The harvest had been late in 1951, and dad and mom got married November 3rd of that year — waited until as much of the harvest was over — then popped over to the parsonage and got married.

When the spring came, dad needed to do seeding but there was still a harvest sitting in the fields.  They coaxed Uncle Jim to come out and seed while dad harvested.  All of this happened in the spring — on acres of land just outside Kindersley.

Today, Uncle Jim returned.  To the farmstead.  To a place he hadn’t seen in 55 years.  To a place his memory cherished awaiting the day of his returning.

The original house has been replaced, the stone barn torn down and new trees have been planted.  But the contour of the land remains the same.  The feel of the air fills your lungs — just like it would have five and a half decades ago.

And a dream is fulfilled!


Beat the rain – twice!

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Today was "clean the garage day!"

I started with piles of wood.  I’m a sucker for other than plywood and pine!  So, I had collected chunks of wood, most too small to use.  The pile grew until Jill called me for breakfast. 

At that point, after consuming some granola, the skies were looking forboding (not because of the granola, but because the clouds were full of water!).  We loaded the car and drove to our waste management site (we used to call it the dump, but inow the "dump" is much more sophisticated than the days when you put everything together, dumped the garbage and let the garbage "man" push it all into a heap and burn it).

As we approached the WMS site a drop or two of rain stained our windshield.  The WMS operator hurried us off to the "wood pile" before the dirt path turned to mud.  As the last piece was thrown on the "pile", the rain began to fall.

Later in the afternoon, with a counter top and a box of miscellaneous "junk", we once again headed to the WMS.  There again, the sky gathered around us.  Ever felt claustrophobia — in the midst of the land of the living skies. Well, the skies were living, churning and closing in on us.  We once again headed to the wood pile.  This time a friend stopped to say "Hi."  Great place to have a conversation, right next to garbage bales and sea gulls.  As we talked the drops began to fall — I grabbed the counter top and acted like a discus thrower.  Having achieved Olympic glory, and having recycled the garbage, we headed home.

Twice in one day — the downpour missed us and we missed the downpour.  Not bad!!

Refinished finish!

Thursday, August 9th, 2007
OK, the table is done — and situated in our basement suite.

Your level of insanity!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Today I got one of those forwarded emails.  Usually they get deleted, but today I was on holidays!

20 ways to maintain a high level of insanity

Loved them.  Here’s a gem or two!

  • Order a diet Water whenever you go out to eat .
  • Specify that your Drive-through order is "To Go."
  • Sing along at the opera.
  • When the money comes out of the ATM, scream "I Won!, I Won!"
  • When leaving the Zoo, run towards the parking lot yelling "Run for your lives, they’re loose!!"
  • Tell your children over dinner, "Due to the economy, we are going to have to let one of you go."

The tale of a table!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

My refinishing project is taking shape.  This dining room table started on August 6th as a dark veneered, peeling and needing care.  That day I cleaned off a part of the table top.

The next day, August 7th, I had the table top and leaves scraped clean.  I’ll still need to sand and oil them, but that will be another day.  August 8th I’m planning on starting on the base and the claw foot legs.


A cemetery on a hill!

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

What an interesting sight!

As we approached the Clearview country cemetery, sunlight reflected off parked vehicles.  The dirt road had been winding through harvest-ready fields.  Now silhouettes of people were outlined on the crest of the hill.  The scene was reminiscent of movies of the Old West — a procession of people winding their way to the graveyard — the graveyard an abandoned piece of land in the midst of grain fields

The occasion was a memorial service for distant relatives of our family — Oliver and Dorothy Winger.  Their ashes were to be buried in a cemetery that would overlook their old farmstead.  Both died this past year — Dorothy in her late 80’s and Oliver in his early 90’s.  Neither had actively farmed for years, but their heart was always with the land.

The service included scripture, tributes, prayer and singing.  At the end of the service, all were invited to place a shovel full of dirt over the urns buried in the ground.  Drops of rain began to fall.  As I left the graveyard I looked around once again.  The church building has been gone for years.  Imagine the services held here.  You came for the day and disbursed for the week, to once again eagerly return next Sunday. 

My father had attended this church in his younger days.  I can almost see him as a young person eagerly greeting all those who came.  Fifty years ago he moved from the district.  Could he remember how to get to the church?  No problem — the memory is indelible. 

At the reception, Dad greeted old friends once again.  They no longer look 20.  They have aged in half a century.  He peers into their faces and sees a likeness.  They do the same.  The years evaporate.  And then those years return as my parents shuffle to the car.

Aging is God’s idea — to steal a phrase from Max Lucado.  Being old just means we will soon die.  The Christian’s hope?  As ones who have accepted Jesus, we will be resurrected in a better body and in a better place.  

But until then we will gather at cemeteries to mourn a loss and celebrate a hope.