As you may know, you can now go on line to start your Canadian passport procedure.

A friend of ours came by today to get some help.  The idea was to print of the passport application.

Now, I like technology.  The first computer we used did not have the right Java application.  Rather than wait for a download, we went to another computer.  The Windows system was older (98) and the Java application was not up-to-date.

Off to a third computer — at home!  The Java app was there, but the printer didn’t have quite the right margin settings.  So one page needs to be photocopied with some adjustments.  A second application was attempted.  Everything was there.  But the government system software only allowed us to print the unformatted information.  After a few tries we gave up.

Maybe another day it will all work.  Ah, the hope of technology!