Nothing new here!

For those of us watching, this CTV report is nothing new.  The following are some of the observations from a Statistics Canada report:

The Statistics Canada report cites housing costs as a main reason younger people are moving to rural areas — also there are more rentals available.  Six of every 10 young people aged 25 to 39 in Canada who did not live with their parents owned their own home in 2006 — the highest level amongst those living in rural Canada..

We were just out visiting one such couple this past week.  James and Jennifer explained to us that they had moved to rural Saskatchewan in 2004 and been able to rent.  This past year they were able to buy, for a very reasonable price, an acreage outside of a small town.  They now have their first child and are looking forward to family life in the country!

Of course, on the other hand, Kindersley (a small town of 4,400) now has very little rentals available, house prices have increased and there is very little on the market.  The squeeze of the cities is headed our way!!