Early this morning I peered out the window.  We had no car at home.  The ground was wet.  A bike ride would have generated a stripe on my clean garments.

Instead, I decided to stay home and work on a sermon.  All my tools were here.  All I needed was the time.  So from 7:00 – 5:00 I slaved away.  In between I had a lunch meal — and Jill kept me fed up with snacks and beverages.

Meanwhile, the sun began to shine around 8:30 and by noon the day was bright and the air a bit crispy, but liveable.  At the setting of the sun, the beauty of the day had been seen.  Vitamin D flowed freshly from the sun’s rays. 

All is well — this is God’s earth, it’s still spinning, and God knows where we are headed!

That’s enough for me!