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Mayor's Prayer Breakfast

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

I’ve had a day to take in the event.

There were 42 present.  Eight different denominations represented.  Prayers for our community leadership.

The comments were positive.  Those who came believed that prayer can make a difference.  And this was a prayer "meeting".  Once a time of prayer began, there was little commentary outside of prayer.  Each of us who prayed set aside political agendas and "fringe" opinions.  We wanted God to be glorified and his work to be done.

One of the town councilors immediately called upon the ministerial to run this again next year.  The mayor thanked us profusely for initiating this event.

This was not a money maker (in fact, we probably lost money!).  This was not a partisan proselytism rally.  This was prayer time!

My personal opinion?  We are called in Scripture to pray for those in leadership.  They don’t have to be Christians – we still pray for them.  And when you can get together with other Christians and join in pray, all the better!


Saturday, October 20th, 2007

A board game.

Settlers has  been around for awhile.  Two years ago we first heard about it.  Tonight we played.

I came this close to winning.  And, I mean, — this close!  One slight slip of strategy and the game was lost to another.

A bit cut-throat at points.  Fun at others.  Full focus required.

Would I play it again?  We’ve already been approached to play!  Maybe not tomorrow night, but soon.  And I expect it won’t take much to convince us to try another round!

The set up

Friday, October 19th, 2007

The table is set.  The numbers are calculated.

Tomorrow  at 8:30 we start. 

The mayor, council, ministerial and interested community members will be there.  The breakast is fairly basic.  The discussion will be outside of basic.

We will talk about who we are, what this town is about and how we can pray best to see righteousness, goodness and a welcoming atmosphere in this town. 

I’m still amazed.  The mayor and council are in unanimous support of this effort.  The ministerial are willing to run this event evven if there is a financial shortfall.

My faith is that this will push a pebble, that moves a rock, that stirs an ocean, that changes a world.  May the unusual from God’s hand be poured out on us.

Full week1

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

On Saturday we are trying out a Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  A great idea — and with every idea comes the need to planning and just plain pitching in.  I’ve been in charge of making tickets available to the churches around town.

The expected attendance will be around 40.  The ministerial sponsoring the event will probably come out a little shy of the cost for the event.  But I keep getting the same responses — "this is our first time — its a start."

So, Saturday morning at 8:30 we will gather.  As ministers in this town, along with all who gather, we will pray for community leadership.  We will pray for wisdom, for justice, for righteousness.  We will take seriously scripture passages that tell us to pray for our leadership.  At the end we will all pray together for a  blessing on our community leadership.

May God bless!

Back but . . .

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Our internet service provider technician was out today.

We are supposedly working at proper speeds.  I boosted our service up to high speed.  Tried out the speed and something is still wrong.  Will do some further checking tomorrow.

Until then, we have come home from a full evening and are relaxing before hitting the sack.

Now, there is a statement.  Hitting the sack?  Is this an exercise we should all participate in before sleep?  Sack hitting should rank right up there with sacking out for the night.  And is the sack a burlap sack, or just a plain paper sack?  Who ranks the sack as to its efficacy in this situation?  Should we all look for sacks wherever we go? 

Perhaps if we lived in sack land we would all find that we are no longer sacked out, just petered out.  And what is "petered out" all about.  Does this relate to salt peter — and the salt no longer is salty?  Or does this have to do with the Peter of the Bible who seemed to have days that he just wore out?

All these questions.  And I won’t even be surprised if you don’t answer a single one of them!!!

Technical Difficulties

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

The past few days I’ve been off line.

Our service provider is having trouble providing us with internet service.  The download and upload speeds have been horrendous.  Technical service will be out next week on Tuesday.

Hopefully this blog will make it into cyberspace!  See you next week!

Family Photo — October 6, 2007

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

  • 21 of us altogether. 
  • Six of us brothers and sisters.  In-laws and outlaws!
  • Nephews and neices and even great grandchildren!

Anniversary — October 9th

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

31 years and we are happily together.

We celebrated the day with our XYZ group — the wise and mature gang!  They even had a floral arrangement for us. 

Some of them even remember . . . 1976 and I had just started pastoring here in Kindersley.  From May until October the phone bills were expensive.  My fiancee was in Toronto — I was thousands of miles away in Kindersley.  The beginning of October I climbed in the car with my grandmother and a friend of hers.  We were off to the wedding.  And a great time it was.  We had two weeks of honeymoon (actually two weeks from the wedding I was to report to Kindersley Alliance Church).  On our way to Kindersley we stopped in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  There we attended a youth conference while still on our honeymoon.  My wife met the group we would minister to for four years. 

I guess our married life has never been lived totally alone!  So, thanks XYZ, for hosting a great anniversary dinner and for joining us on our anniversary.

Heading past thanksgiving?

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

When do we stop being thankful?

I guess that’s why designating just one day for thanksgiving is misleading.  My understanding is that we give thanks all the time, in every situation.

Now, I enjoyed the weekend!  We had a great church service with baptisms, baby dedication, membership and communion all packed into one service.  And over the weekend I met with my siblings and parents, and my children were home.

So, I’m thankful for thanksgiving weekend.  But I have to keep reminding myself that all the time is thanksgiving time.

Today is our 31st wedding anniversary.  For this I am thankful.  My wife has been a faithful companion and joins me in putting God first.  And that’s where thanksgiving really starts.

Happy thanksgiving — all the time!

Family Reunion 2007 — Rosetown, Saskatchewan

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

Here we are!  I’m having trouble uploading the picture.

So, just imagine 21 people, great turkey and good conversation.  That’s just the beginning.  Two children under 2.  Two adults over 70.  A wide range of discussion.  Laughter, singing and a joyous celebration.  Just what the soul needs!!