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The play was great!

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Rosetown, Saskatchewan puts on a great highschool play.  We enjoyed the evening — live theatre with all the warts and truly amazing performances.  Besides, the neices were a part — and without bias I state the they were GREAT!!





Three Neices, two people and one play

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

This evening plans to be a good one.

Not that an evening can do the planning.  That was up to us.  Weeks ago we heard three of our neices were involved in a play.  We secured tickets and put the date on the calendar.

Now, the day has come, the hour is near.

We’ll eat some chili and cornbread.  Then we’ll pop in the car.  An hour’s time will pass.  We’ll find seats with my sister’s family.  The play will unfold.  Then we’ll unfold from our chairs, hop in the car and head home.  By 11:00 we’ll be in bed, having enjoyed a great evening.

Trust yours will also be enjoyable as well!!

Baker history

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

We all live with family ties.  Some are brighter than others.  Some we wish we could sever.

Yesterday I had opportunity to read through some letters of distant relatives — letters I had been asked to examine. 

These letters were from 8 decades ago.  They include daily occurrences, funny reminiscences and forthright discussions.  One is a very business like letter, talking of interest, and partnership, and inventory, and disbursements, and picky details.

The characters begin to shine through as you shuffle through the correspondence.  This is the stuff of novels.  Or, should I say, fiction is best based on real characters.  A son who needs money while at school.  A mother is worn out.  A father has a business that would be more profitable if all outstanding accounts were brought in.  Relatives with an innocent religion are seeking to inspire their relation..

As any archivis will tell you, you are peeking in the window.  As you work through history, there is a fine balance between salacious journalism and honest retelling.  A detail that appears at first scandalous, when placed in context, is quite understandable. 

I’m looking forward to more time with this family — although most are dead, their stories are very much alive!! 

Where paths meet!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Last night I met with  a family.  I didn’t really know them. They had come to a grief and loss session held by our local ministerial.  I was to be the presenter.

Their circumstances sounded familiar.  Cancer at the half century mark. A child dies before the parents.  Siblings are left behind.    Months later grieving is still present.  The deceased left a mark with her life, and with her death.

My brother passed away from cancer at 50 years of age.  He was an athlete — as was this "young" lady.  He had seen the world — so had she.  Health food was second nature — both ate well.  The similarities were multiple.

I sat there stunned.  I hadn’t expected this! 

The family was looking for advice.  All of a sudden, what could easily have been just straight forward lecture became the nitty grittly of life.  Yes, we did discuss the process of healing.  Yes, there were direct theological answers given.  But somehow the story was what captured us.

We weep with those who weep.

If a friend is one who shares life with you — I have new friends today!

When you are doing well . . .

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

My stomach was feeling well!  At least this past week.  This has not always been the case these past few months.

So, probably against better judgment, I went off some medication I have been taking.  The first few days the rumblings in my stomach were not bad.  But today, I awoke to a feeling of nausea that had been creeping up on me.

I’m back on the medication, hopefully a little wiser. 

After a morning at work, I’ve cancelled other activities for the day.  I’m sitting at home, trying to lay low.  The nausea is passing and I’m expecting to be back "running" tomorrow.

I pray for daily health.  As I reach an older age, my prayers take on greater urgency.  Some have characterized this aging process as a time where we say "I’m doing well for the shape I’m in."  Others say you might as well not complain — no one will listen.  And still others see the bright side of reaching the other side — heaven certainly has an appeal!

Personally, I’m not "there" yet!  I go to places I would like to be, I get out for coffee (or hot chocolate),  and I can still laugh! 

So, I guess this blog is just  a way of admitting that, although I’m not what I used to be, there is still God-given enjoyment in who I am!!

The day after

Monday, November 26th, 2007

So, now we know the Roughriders won.  Not a great game, but still a win.

The team arrived back to Regina this afternoon.  They were whisked to the outdoor football field which is their home field.  They spoke to a crowd that had gathered — people who took time (from work, play, school) to be there. 

The media also dissected the previous day.  Ideas about what happened, praise for a job completed, and just plain thanks for getting a Grey Cup home to the province.

18 years since the last cup victory.  Some of those celebrating today were not even around then.  And they are already predicting a baby boom in 9 months time based on this victory.

So, football will bring about a boom in families, economy, and even goodwill.  Not bad for just a game!

Riders and half time

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Well, here we are sitting at half time in the Roughriders game.  The score is 7 – 3, and not for the Roughriders (our home province team).  Could be worse!  Fumbles, inteceptions and slow reactions.

As the armchair quarterback that I am, I would suggest we just start over again.

That won’t happen.  So, in the next few minutes some strategy will be put in place and the second half will be a whole new start.  I guess most of us have had that kind of experience in life.  Not everything starts out well, but with God it can finish off well!

The light shines!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

So, yesterday we are driving to and from Saskatoon.  We see the sun rise around 8:30 am.  We watch it set around 5:00 pm. 

Doesn’t seem fair.  There is still a month before the days begin to lengthen.  I find it hard to think that I will be at work in the morning and come home at night — both in the dark. 

Now, as long as my life is not in the dark, that’s alright. 

So far, so good!!


Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Today we were two hours away.  In Saskatoon. 

The reason?  To get test done. 

For me this was a followup on some other tests, just seeking to determine how my stomach had been affected by Ibuprofen I had taken.  Up until now the tests show that I’m in fairly good shape — I’m trusting this one will confirm this.  Results will take a few days.

My wife had her heart pacemaker battery checked out.  We’ve known the battery would wear down, and she is now on an early replacement listing.  How soon that will happen we do not know, but the expectation is that a replacement should be made, at the latest, within six months.

Interestingly enough, this afternoon we bought a battery for our car.  The changeover was rather smooth — I trust Jill’s battery change will go as smoothly!

Egg on the wall!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Wish I had my camera!

Here we were in church Sunday morning, and the preacher was throwing eggs at the wall.  One or two heads jerked back (we did OK this with the janitor before it happened!!).  And the point was very well made.

We may think we have everything under our own control.  But when we hit the wall, we smash like an egg and drip all over.  Even if we harden ourselves, we still break — maybe we don’t look quite as bad but we still break. 

Then a kinder egg was thrown.  The Kinder Egg has an outside shell that, when broken, reveals a new creation inside.  That’s what we are looking for.  Godliness — the new creation that is fashioned after God — and that new creation doesn’t splatter and spew all over the wall.  The pressure of circumstance just begins to reveal and shine the light on the new creation!

Well, that’s my quick summary — there was much more.  Thanks to John Enns-Wind for a great sermon!!