Working on a video

OK, so it’s a glorified powerpoint.  But I’m trying to put my song, "That’s what’s so unusual", to visuals.  Tried a bunch of prairied scenes, but doesn’t quite cut it.  Have to see what else I can find.

The afternoon was spent upgrading some of the computer system at work.  Believe it or not (since things actually worked out), I rather enjoyed the time.  Getting good equipment and combining it with software that works is a real joy.

Tonight word of another poor diagnosis.  Seems whatever way you turn this time of year, health deteriorates.  I constantly pray for daily health and for healing for others.  I’m open to whatever God wants to do, and I’m trusting he will do far beyond what I may think or even imagine.

And last night I had a time of coffee with a friend who just encouraged me. Thanks!

So, let’s see what comes tomorrow!

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