Way Back In Time

Some things disappear.  Some things we think disappear.  Some things seem to stay around forever.

On the internet this is especially true.  Now you can check out how someone’s blog looked in past years.  Or how about a company’s old home webpage?  I headed over to www.archive.org and was amazed what Sears.ca looked like back in 1996.  Unfortunately they do not archive some of the graphics, but the idea is still there!  Even saw some entries from my own website from two years ago.

For the fun of it — this webcrawler wanders around all over the place.  Try it out under their "Way Back Machine".  Don’t be surprised if you can’t get on to their site right away.  I have a feeling a lot of people are checking out their archives.

Which sort of shows you!  People do love history.  Maybe not the dry way it was taught in school.  But the lively way that shows you the feeling of being "present" even though you are looking at the "past".

I wonder how our own perspectives would change on things like the life of Jesus if we could imagine ourselves to be right there in the "present" moment of the "past"?

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