Christmas Day

In history, this season is the beginnng of a new family.  We tend to attach this family spirit to the season, and in many ways it becomes primary.  While I still want to keep Jesus’ birth primary, I do recognize the opportunity to be with family.

Today, Jill and I will visit with my sister and her family, along with my mom and dad.  The drive is only short, a little under an hour.  The time together only a few short hours.

From a utilitarian point of view — what is the use?  That’s where people who only see life from money and resources miss out!  Yes, we could stay home and save money and time.  But what are you saving money and  time for?  In the end, there are no U-hauls behind the hearse!

In the end, there is another realm.  There, we will once again meet with people, living in new bodies yet still themselves, celebrating the one who is the reason for the Christmas season.  Why not start the visiting now?  And so we will do with a group of believers today — brothers and sisters in Jesus and brothers and sisters through an earthly family!

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