How's it going?

Well, I got up today and headed out early to pick up some groceries.  Rosetown COOP was open and the cashier was bright and cheerful.  The surrounding story is breezy and the atmosphere inviting.

In a few minutes I had found the "Grape Nuts" — a Kelloggs breakfast cereal.  The box is not like years ago.  The front is updated and the sides carry nutrition information.  I trust the insides are still the same!

Then to the egg aisle.  But no eggs.  I wandered to the cashier and paid for the breakfast cereal.  Then I casually mentioned that the eggs were not there.  She, as casually, mentioned that they had been on sale — 18 large eggs for $1.99. 

Was yesterday busy?  Yes.  Was the egg truck coming.  A passing stock person mentioned they had not seen eggs in the back.  They called Harry. He looked.  Yes, there were eggs — Yes, they were still on sale! 

So, my cashier closed the till.  She headed to the back to get the eggs.  I didn’t have to move.

Now, that’s small town service!!  And the price was right.

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