Monthly Archives: December 2007

Missed the cut!

Well, I’ve listened to the CBC Christmas radio song challenge finalists.  They are all good.  Each has their own style.  Enjoyed the afternoon of listening to the songs and the composers. 

I missed the cut, but the song was played once or twice over the weekend (OK, I’d have love to make the finalists – but . . .).  I’ve found it quite singable and maybe I’ll get it reworked for next Christmas.  I’ll check out the rules of the contest and see if I can’t make it available on line in the next week or so.

Start now — I imagine they will run the contest next year.  Let’s see if we can’t flood them with more Christmas songs!

The song?

So, I guess CBC radio played my song yesterday around 5:10 in the afternoon.  One or two heard it — I missed it.  

But today they played the chorus as the voice over (under) for an ad for the finalists for the Christmas song challenge.  Either that means the song was good enough to be a finalist, or that it was good background.

I guess I’ll find out on Monday!!

Writing a Christmas song

I heard about a Christmas song contest at CBC Saskatchewan radio.  Half kidding, I challenged a friend of mine to write a song.  Didn’t go very far.

Until Thursday morning.  With my schedule this week, I decided to take off Thursday.  Lying in bed, hoping to rest a bit in the morning, a song started to form.

I pulled out my recording equipment, and line by line put down an acappella (without instruments) song.  It’s called — "That’s what’s so unusual".  The song was never to have been used in public performance, not to be a "cover" tune, and to be recorded in a digital format (mp3).  Not a problem — this song was so new no one heard it, except my wife who had to endure the recording process (you sing one part at a time — and if you’ve ever listened to a harmony part without the melody, it’s like wondering where the notes have gone!). 

I was finished at 4:00 and tried to get the song sent through the internet.  Something was wrong with the CBC server (I did some phoning to CBC Regina and they confirmed they were having problems), so here I am at 3:00 am in the morning trying to get the song sent.  And apparently our internet is working.

How to describe the song?  Definitely a "church" type Christmas song — nice harmonies.  It’s all my vocals — and a lot of fun at that.  In fact, not a bad thing to do on a day off!  Listen and see if you hear it on CBC local programming Friday.

Winding down

Feels funny.

The last scheduled Tuesday night activity — the last Wednesday night activity.  Both are done until the new year. 

Of course, we’ve added a few other Christmas activities.  A Friday night Youth supper along with a Monday night College and Career supper. 

In the end, I guess you can wind both ways. 

Do you even out when you wind up and wind down!!

Foster Brooks

Tonight I’m sitting with two friends for coffee.  One of them mentions a comedy sketch with Dean Martin and the lovable "drunk" Foster Brooks.  Foster is playing an airline pilot. 

So, at home I get on YouTube and watch the sketch.  Dean Martin can hardly stay away from laughing.  The absurdity of the situation, a drunk flying and airplane, is hilarious.   I try out another Foster Brooks video — not quite as funny and certainly not wholesome.  I guess not all comics are made equal.

One of the recommended comedic sketches on YouTube is "Who’s on First" with Abbott and Costello.  I’ve heard this a number of times.  Never seen it in video.  So my wife joins me and we laugh through the episode.  We remark at how adept one must be to keep up the patter of the sketch.  And we head to bed with just plain fun running like sugarplums through our minds!!

33 songs!

One task of the weekend was to record 33 Christmas carols.

I served as the technician, my wife as the musician.  The computer actually worked fairly well — once or twice my CD mastering program spazed out (great 1970’s word!).  Other than that, the CD’s are on their way.

A few years ago a lady had asked us to prepare a CD with songs that a church could sing to (the preposition is on in the position because I couldn’t find another position for it to be at).  The church is a true community church in a resort village.  Perhaps these types of churches are the ones we should investigate when we talk about not having denominations anymore!

Over some of the Christmas season there may be no pianist at this church.   And February also looks sparse.  So we are now preparing to create another CD of regular hymns.

Which reminds me that worship services are not based on having great musicians — although that doesn’t hurt.  Worship is about people and God, not how good I can appear to God!

Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs

I’ve known all three!

And as much as a good joke can lighten the day, I’m inclined to think a good stroke of encouragement is much better.  Some might even call it a stroke of luck.

This past week a relative quit her teaching job.  She is conscientious, and was told so, AFTER she quit.  She was an excellent teacher and was told so, AFTER she quit.

Would words of encouragement have helped?  Perhaps.  There is always that intangible sense of not being in the right place.  You can’t make someone "not quit" just by words of encouragement — but you can sure go a long way.

I’m not always good at encouraging others. 

I’ll take that as a word of encouragement to get encouraging others. 

And might I also encourage you — get out there and encourage, encourage, encourage!

A new writer!

Always glad to find people who are writing.  You will notice that consistent blog writers are decreasing.  Where many blog writers wrote for social interaction, now with such things as Facebook they can fulfil that communication need.  But we still need those who will write as a service to us!

Carolyn Carelton has written a new book you can find on her website.  Alright!! 

Carolyn was our youth pastor’s wife when our daughter was going through high school.  She still keeps track with her.  When we as parents were shut out, Carolyn heard and supported our daughter.  We are thankful!!

When you check out her website ( you’ll find her interest is working with / mentoring young women.  She is honest and straightforward — in a way that allows people to know they can’t get away with something, while at the same time knowing that anything they say will lead to a deeper relationship and support!

Now, I’m just waiting to see if she’ll send me a copy of her book, free of charge for the advertizing!!