The dryer setting

Loved the comment by MaryAnne on yesterday’s blog entry!  Normal is just a dryer setting!

Well, I am feeling closer to normal.  As is Jill.

Today we headed out to pick up some groceries.  Together.  In the same car.  Without a walker.

The groeries were for a friend who has just come home from the hospital.  He needed some food — he was in hospital lon enough his fridge food was starting to grow green!  We didn’t need to pick up a lot of food, just enough to tide him over for a few days.

This morning was a three hour stint at the office.  Not bad!  And now I’m working at home on a sermon.  Almost a 3/4 day, which is getting back to "normal".  In a few weeks, I’ll be out after a full day of work and wonder why I couldn’t be "normal" the way I was a few weeks ago!!

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