Playing with ShowBiz

For over a year, I’ve played with ArcSoft’s ShowBiz.  Never with great success.  The program broadsides my computer — more likely hogs more memory than is available.

So, today, I’ve tried to put some video, photos and audio into a coherent whole.  The stakes are a little higher! 

Tomorrow, to finish my sermon, I wanted a piece of music that features Romans 1:16.  My wife had some creative ideas.  We sat down for 3 or 4 hours  [by the way, gentlemen, never overlook a time of closeness with your wife!!].  As we stitched together effects, transtions and text the whole began to pull together.

Finally, we ventured with the final project, over to the church.  Placed the MPEG file (the completed movie file) on the church computer.  Fired up the projector and attached the sound cable to the computer’s sound jack. 

Lo, and behold, the movie began, words appeared and we both stood back.  Spellbound with the movie and amazed with the technology.

I can hardly wait to see it again tomorrow!!

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