Quick trips and children's finale

This morning it was off to Saskatoon, a two hour drive.  We took along a friend who had an appointment (she was done in minutes).  Jill also had an appointment with the pacemaker clinic.  The technicians enjoyed their time with her.  The new pacemaker is a model they had not seen before. 

There were tests of the pacemaker to check its abilities.  They were also able to delete some functions that took up extra battery power.  Jill should last for another ten years — right into her senior years!  A miracle, should this come to pass!

Then we rushed home and literally walked into a banquet and program for our children’s AWANA program.  Over 100 attended — just enough spaghetti and meat sauce!  Great to see kids who work hard, play hard and have fun.  Of course, we leaders realize spring is here — they are a little rambunctious!!

And now, we are preparing for rest!

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