Monthly Archives: April 2008

April Showers

During our seniors dinner yesterday I suggested that not all locations in Canada have equal rain in April. 

With the idea that April showers bring May flowers, we looked at 7 locales.  Charlottetown was a good place to be for rain, while Edmonton was a very poor place to live to get those flowers going.

And Kindersley?

Well, we ranked near the bottom.  Very little rain averaged during the month of April. 

But at least we can say we have lot of sunshine!!


I’ve been using itunes for the last while.  On it you can tune into various radio stations around the world.

I found one that is Christian acappella. 

Now, you have to understand.  My voice is my musical instrument.  I do play other instruments, but they are second fiddle (pun intended) to my voice.  So, when I hear people make music only with the voice, I sit up and listen.

Some can do percussion, some provide the bass guitar/rhythm beat, others make up heavenly choirs.  Put that together with a soaring melody and life is good.  The other day I sat for hours just listening as I worked on a sermon and emails and websurfing.  Somehow this is the calm for me in the midst of activity.

Each of us have that type of activity that provides rest.  The question is, how often do we return to the rest when we become overinvolved and the waves roll over us.  Find your "acappella station" and check it out this week!!

Busy day leads to down time!

Well, we still think we are invincible!

Yesterday we had a full morning.  The afternoon was another service at our seniors manor.  And in the evening a birthday party.

All good.

Today I was off to work for the morning.  By lunch I was yawning.  Two short naps in the afternoon did not solve the wide open jaw movement.

This evening we delivered some meals to a friend who is jus out of hospital.  Now we are working a bit on upcoming church services.  At 8:30 we will "veg out" with Corner Gas — our favourite TV comedy.  Then to bed early, ready for another busy day tomorrow!!

Junior Hockey in fashion

Tonight our local hockey team is in the playoffs for Junior Hockey in Saskatchewan.  The game is here in Kindersley.

Can’t get the game on our local station.  But the Humboldt hockey play-by-play is available on a radio station over in their neck of the woods.

Funny thing — the internet now lets us listen to the game even though we were unable to attend.  3:45 left in regulation and the opposing team is ahead 3-2. 

Let’s see what tomorrow’s newscast will yield.  My guess?  A seventh game in Humboldt on Tuesday night — Kindersley finally wins and we move on to the next stage of playoffs.  Check back in the next few days and see how things go!!

A book that has changed the world!

The small book of only 16 chapters has been around for millenia.  Maybe for that reason you would expect that a few people would have read it.  And perhaps of that few (or many), one or two would have been impacted.  And maybe just one took it to heart??

Well, in this case, the German language was affected when Martin Luther decided to translate this book along with a number of others into the German language (which at that time had not been stanardized).  Abolition of slavery and prison reform were hurried along by those who were affected by John Wesley.  And the list goes on.

These people go back to an experience that changed their lives.  And included in that experience is the book of Romans.  Funny how a Bible book can change lives and change society.

But it has.

And I’d love to see it’s message once again change our lives and our society!


Not often I listen to a hockey game — on the radio. 

Our local junior hockey team is moving ahead in the playoffs.  They are the cinderella team this year.  The touted Bronco team is being defeated by our Klippers.  In the previous playoff series hard fought play had brought our team to the next level.  Each time there was new confidence.  And now . . .

The game play-by-play is actually getting exciting.  See you tomorrow — hopefully we will have won!!

Visiting again

For the last while we have recuperated at home and done little hospitality. 

These last few days we have hosted meals and people for overnight accomodations.  Although this has been a bit tiring, the inspiration to the soul is well worth it.  An afternoon nap is helpful.  Good food and company fills one’s reserves.

So, all in all — bring it on!!

Fun parts of life!

Today was  baby dedication at the church.

Now, I’ve always enjoyed this part of ministry.  You see potential in a child, and commitment in parents.  The congregation is supportive.  Friends and relatives have come from miles around.  And in the end, I’m sure God blesses and pushes us on to new adventures with the young!!

James Bryan Loken, son of James and Jennifer — good looking kid!!


Tylenol diet

Ovedid my knees.  So, I’ve been on a Tylenol diet for the last few days.  As the pain and swelling go down, the mobility and motivation go up.

Funny thing!  I was talking to a friend yesterday.  Mention was made that we "professionals" who deal with those with grief and pain are human.  We go through the same stages.  We get angry, and go into denial and get depressed.  We know better but somehow don’t always "do better."

There is none righteous, no not one!  I think God is not so much worried about our failings (He’s got a plan for that), as he is that we "go after Him".  Can’t say I’m always there, but my spirit pushes me there!!

Music for Saturday

In returning to work, I’m thankful for all those who have taken up extra responsibility.  This weekend a full concert is planned, along with a Sunday Service with Tim Milner.  You can find his website at  Saturday starts at 7:00 pm with a $5.00 admission.  If you are in the area, feel free to drop in!!  And thanks to those who set up the concert and got things on the way!!